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His Grace, Bishop NIKOLAI and the Diocesan Council initiated a stewardship program at their Spring 2002 meeting. Membership in the 3-D program is open to everyone, including Orthodox parishes and organizations worldwide. A minimum donation of $100 will secure your place in the registry of Distinguished Diocesan Donors and your annual, recurring donation of $100 will continue your membership.

It is still possible to become a "Founding Member" of this worthy program. As an expression of gratitude for your faithful stewardship to the Diocese of Alaska, His Grace, Bishop NIKOLAI will issue a beautiful Gramota, with the icon of the Synaxis of the Saints of Alaska, inscribed with your name (or the name of a loved one).

Most importantly, you will join your brothers and sisters in Christ in supporting the ongoing work of Orthodoxy's first Diocese in North America. Today, through the Grace of God the Diocese of Alaska continues this work:

  • The Diocese serves 97 parishes, missions & institutions throughout the state.
  • Currently, there are 35 active priests and ten deacons assigned to these parishes.
  • The Diocese supports St. Herman's Theological Seminary located in the historic town of Kodiak, Alaska. Presently, there are 13 full-time and 6 part-time seminarians enrolled for the academic year (2003-2004). The Seminary prepares these dedicated seminarians for their life of pastoral service and provides housing for them and their families. The Seminary also maintains a library, an archive and employs 5 full-time and 8 part-time staff members.
  • The Diocese has purchased a ten-plex apartment building across the street from St. Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage. Clergy and senior seminarians and their families reside there. Seminarians continue their education, serving the needs of the Anchorage parish. There are now two seminarians with their families in residence. Also in residence are two full-time priests, a deacon and their families.
  • The Diocese supports an active prison and hospital ministry in Anchorage as well as serving outlying communities who don't have a resident priest.
  • Over the course of time, Bishop NIKOLAI plans to visit the faithful in these 97 parishes, missions & institutions. The Alaska Diocese is immense,
    covering an area of 2.5 million square miles!

Please make checks and money orders for the 3-D Program payable to the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska (R.O.D.A) and send them to the Chancery at: PO Box 210569, Anchorage, AK 99521. Please indicate that your donation is for your 3-D membership and the name you would like inscribed on the Gramota.

The Diocese will soon be able to accept your gift using Visa or Mastercard online. We can process your donation by credit card via fax by downloading and filling out this form and faxing it to: 907-279-9748

Questions about the 3-D Program?
Click the 3D logo to contact Mina via email or call the office:
(office hours: Tues.- Fri. 9:00am-4:00pm Alaska Time Zone)


Published with the blessing of
His Grace The Right Reverend NIKOLAI, Bishop of Sitka, Anchorage & Alaska
2003 Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska

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